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Hi, I’m Stephen. I’m a Dad. Entrepreneur. Investor. Teacher. Internet Marketer. I can help you make money online. Watch everything and plug into my training.

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I am a Father to two beautiful girls, a guitar player, a master electrician by trade, and prior to this, I worked in different settings, including sales and telemarketing. Looking back I am grateful for the many different experiences as each one has given me different skills I use daily. I enjoy the study of various business models and have always enjoyed success stories in business. As I am continually learning what’s working now. I’m so glad to connect with you here.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” ~ Conrad Hilton

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Here are some testimonials from REAL people just like you and me!!!

 “I’ve tried everything from selling CD’s to vitamins to water filters. And lost tons of money. Thankfully this came across my desk. First week was $6000.”
Will – Retail Associate Charlotte, NC

 “Average franchise start up costs $50K. Average network marketer monthly income $121. $4000 this week here. You do the math.”
Belinda – Hairdresser Ada, MI

 “Started with $46 in my checking account. Now up to $40,000/month working 4 hours/day.”
Paul – Truck driver Wichita Falls, TX

 “No meetings and incredible products was all I needed to hear. First 7 weeks, $38,000. Try that anywhere else.”
Mike – former air traffic controller Atlanta, GA

 “Keep doing whatcha doing, and you’ll keep getting whatcha getting. A year ago, my business tanked. $5500 my first week in this program.”
Tom – Army National Guard San Diego, CA

 “I have been working from home for the past 15 years, and in all those years, I never found anything as powerful as this. The system and the support are incredible. I was able to generate $21,000 my first month! If you are looking for a real solution to your financial problems…this is it!” Eric, WA

 “I want to say a big “THANK YOU” for all the support! I have been advertising my website now for about 2 weeks and I just got my first $3500. I am ecstatic to say the least! If you are looking for a way to generate some great cash and need a family to help you, you have found it!”
Toby, TX

 “I’ve been involved with this program for five months. Sure I had apprehension in the beginning, but I came in full tilt at $6,500 and never looked back. I was only expecting to receive an extra $1,000 or $2,000 a month, but in just 12 weeks, and with relatively little effort, I brought in over $14,000. This WORKS!”
Davis, CA

 “Unemployed and near bankruptcy. I didn’t want to sell anything….I needed money. I had no choice but to join Now.”
Lisa – Hostess, Secaucus, NJ

 “The money is so abundant. It’s just a matter of desire.”
Kelly – Teller Wichita, KS

 “If not this, then what? If you know of something better, I want to know about it!”
Rick – Bartender South Bend, IN

 “Poor stands for Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly. Open your mind and look at this very closely before closing the door.”
Dan – Entrepreneur Jackson, WY

 “I left a high figure, high salary job when I heard about the Turbo Wealth Solution. It’s an absolute no brainer, and have been a secret to the ultra wealthy until now.”
Steve – Fortune 500 manager Orlando, FL

 “It doesn’t matter if you have a 4th grade education or Harvard education. And it doesn’t matter your current financial situation.”
John – stay at home Dad Dallas, TX

 “The money is now secondary. It keeps coming, but the best satisfaction is helping others do the same.”
Edwina Boise, ID

 “I’m very excited about the Solution and everything the team has done to make success possible with this. I believe this system is the key to my independence. Consistent daily action, duplicating what successful team leaders do… and the sky’s the limit with this one!”
Tim, NY

 “This made it very easy to make the decision to join and start right away. You just follow the plan and the success will come for you! The Turnkey System is developed to get you going fast and make you successful. You just cannot fail! I want to thank Spencer our team leaders for going out of their way to help all of us help ourselves fulfill our dreams!”
Molly, OR

 “The system is great. I was REALLY up & running in just a few easy steps. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s specifically designed to give you the tools you need to automatically create increased CASH FLOW in your life – and that’s what you really want, isn’t it? Join our ” Blessings Unlimited Team” now, there are no reasons why you can’t be successful!” The Solution Rocks!
Greg, NV

 We want to say what a pleasure it is to work with this program. We are especially happy about the way the team leaders helped us to get up and off the ground, and their easy accessibility to help when we hit a snag! We are looking forward to a long, rewarding relationship and lots of prosperity.”
Dave & Annie, Ill

 “Skeptical people think they have it figured out and remain poor. Others think outside the box and become rich.”
Pete & Amy Denver, CO

 “Beg, borrow or steal to give and get into this program. This is especially for the broke, because no other program will pull you out faster.”
Bernice – stay at home Mom Chicago, IL

 “The family atmosphere and support is unparalleled in the industry. And I’ve been in numerous programs.”
Abby – Trainer Reno, NV

 “What this program has done for me is allowed me to quit my job and work in various charities in my community. I never thought in a million years I’d be able to live my life like this.”
Suzanne – Librarian Bangor, ME

 “I had to change my way of thinking, ’cause my way was keeping me in the poor house.”
Roger – stay at home Dad Miami, FL

 “All I have to do is invite people to a workshop call. Who in the world can’t do this? This is powerful and life changing.”
Louis Lexington, KY

 “It’s people helping people. And you generate a lot of money in the process. What’s not to like about the The Solution?”
Michelle – Nurse Kalamazoo, MI

 “People are starving for this information. If you can walk and chew gum, you will succeed in this program.”
Seth – Financial Consultant Phoeniz, AZ

 “The best part is the level playing field. There’s no fat cat at the top getting rich. 100% of your efforts go into your pockets.”
Ken – Former network marketer Chicago, IL

 “Buying something on a credit card is leverage. It’s the exact same principle, so invest in your future instead of drowning in interest and payments.”
Mark San Francisco, CA

 “Lost my job as a jet pilot in Sept. 2015. It was a blessing in disguise. Now generating more money in one month than 6 months of flying jets.”
Jeff Wilmington, NC

 “I don’t even have a high school education, but now generating thousands per week.” thanks to the The Solution.
Kim – stay at home Mom Virginia Beach, VA

 “Once you get this thing rolling, it’s like a snowball in a downhill slide. You just can’t stop it.”
Ron Tulsa, OK

 “This is as close to winning the lottery as you will ever get. Get rid of that stinking’ thinking’ and you’ll go somewhere.”
Kathryn – Florist Louisville, KY

 “Look in the mirror 20 years from now. Same job, same paycheck? Sad but true if you don’t do something about it.”
Jackie – Lab technician Morristown, NJ

 “I’ve tried everything from Amway to the highway. Finally something comes along where the little guy can succeed.”
Denise – Phoenix, AZ

 “We can’t express enough gratitude and thanks for the tremendous support that was provided to us. The educational and promotional tools that are available and the strategies that are laid out make this program a breeze! Your Turnkey System is excellent-with both online and offline promotional ideas.”
Ronald & family, MN

 “When I first saw this type of “cash generating system”, I was very reluctant, but intrigued. Then I saw this system and I was pretty motivated to make a change. After I watched and listened to all the videos and audios and took in ALL the information that was available, I was IN.”
Bill, TN

 “Working with this system and team has been incredible. I’m learning new techniques everyday to achieve my financial goals and grow my cashflow. I foresee leaving the corporate rat race very soon thanks to TWS.”
Michelle, FL

 “We have been generating cash from home for 21 years. We’ve did everything from franchises to home developments. Today, because of this system we have, prospects contact us. If your looking for a Great Simple System that generates lots of Cash without the hassle of a conventional business…you have found it!”
Bruce & Jane, Columbus OH

 “We generated $20,000 the first month with the The Solution. That’s more than what I made in a job in all of last year. You think you’ve seen it all…you haven’t seen this.”
Caroline & Ed – retired school teacher Spokane, WA


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